Goodies in the post today :-)

So….I think I may have spent a bit….

Today’s post brought me a gorgeous colouring book from AnneStokes which I will be reviewing at a later date. At first glance it is stunning so we will wait to see how good it actually is!

I have also ordered two other books…one with a German name, “Exotischer Urwald” by Good Wives and Warriors (the ladies that brought us “Escape to Wonderland”),


…..and a glorious looking book by a gentleman named Bennett Klein called  ” Colour my Sketchbook”, which is a greyscale book. I look forward to receiving both! Bennett has allowed me to use the latest image to show you all 🙂




Also on order are some Marco Raffine oil based pencils, so we can see what they are like.

At the moment I am colouring a page from Escape to Wonderland with the vague hope of maybe winning an original sketch! I will let you know how I get on!



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